Back And Neck Injuries at Work

Employers have a responsibility to keep their employees safe at work, which includes protecting them against dangerous work conditions that could lead to back and neck injuries. However, regardless of fault, workers are able to seek workers’ compensation benefits if the accident occurred at work.

If you have suffered a back or neck injury on the job, Erspamer Law Office, LLC, can help. We understand how debilitating these types of injuries can be, and we are committed to using our legal knowledge and experience to seek maximum compensation on each client’s behalf.

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Work-Related Back Injuries

Workers who are required to lift heavy objects, bend, twist, and otherwise use their backs at work are at a risk of suffering a range of back injuries:

  • Slipped discs
  • Herniated discs
  • Low back injuries
  • Spine fractures

Back injuries at work can also be caused in work-related car accidents. Workers’ compensation covers motor vehicle accidents when the vehicle is being used for work-related purposes. Truck drivers, commercial vehicle drivers and other individuals who are injured while on the job can seek workers’ compensation benefits.

Work-Related Neck Injuries

Our firm represents workers who have suffered neck injuries at work. The severity of these types of injuries can vary drastically, ranging from sprains to upper spinal cord injuries that result in paralysis. Neck injuries at work can be caused by:

  • Slip-and-falls
  • Falling objects
  • Awkward bending or twisting
  • Heavy lifting
  • Machinery accidents
  • Car and truck accidents

If you have had neck problems in the past, and the injury was further aggravated at work, you can still seek certain workers’ compensation benefits. After hearing about your accident and injury, our firm can explain your legal options.

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