I would highly recommend Attorney David Erspamer to anyone facing a Workers compensation claim. I suffered a severe back injury while performing my duties as a Custodian. Due to the type of injury I required 4 back surgeries and many months of Physical Therapy. I had to leave a job of 12 years and was left with a very uncertain future. The Workman’s Compensation insurance company made an already stressful situation, even worse. But they had a job to do and top notch attorneys to do it with. I knew I needed the same. My researches lead me to Erspamer Law Firm, not only was he a successful litigation attorney but a top Trial Lawyer in the state of Wisconsin. I was very impressed with Attorney Erspamer and his staff. Mr. Erspamer explained everything and took me through every step and answered every question I had. Attorney Erspamer and his staff did all the paperwork and helped make all the testing seem less daunting. Attorney Erspamer let me know what I could expect and fought for my rights against the large insurance company. Thanks to Attorney Erspamer and his amazing staff, we were able to settle out of court for the amount expected and I don’t have to worry about future medical expenses. If your looking for an experienced attorney who will fight for your right and get you the type of settlement that’s best for you, I highly recommend Attorney David Erspamer. He and his staff are simply amazing. I would recommend him to all my friends and family.

– Sherry B.

I highly recommend the Erspamer Law Office. Anyone who has been injured knows how difficult life becomes. David Erspamer and Debbie were amazing. They treated me in a professional manner and always with respect and compassion. I was included in discussions and my input was welcomed. I especially found it refreshing to be kept informed every step of the way.

In this day and age, clients are usually just a number to most professional people. However that is not the case at the Erspamer Law Office. Every employee there was sincere, courteous and treated me as a valued human being.

I am thrilled with the outcome of my case. This great outcome clearly never would have occurred without my representation from the Erspamer Law Office. I feel Mr. Erspamer and Debbie are two awesome individuals who truly put themselves out there to help people. I am thankful to be one of those people.

– Sandy S.

I would like to thank David Erspamer and his staff at Erspamer law for the favorable results they were able to achieve for me in my claim. David is a professional and runs his practice with honesty and integrity. He was always up front with me and never gave me false hopes or promises of something that may not materialize. Thanks again Dave, not for being a good attorney, but for being a GREAT attorney.

– Steven S.

I recently settled a claim, much to my satisfaction, with the help of Erspamer law office. The support staff was exceptional and able to assist with most questions I had. On most occassions, Mr.Erspamer was available to speak directly to me. He was very prompt with return calls and keeping me up to date with the progress of my case.

I would highly recommend this law firm.

– Rebecca E.