Significant Previous Cases

Erspamer Law Office, LLC, has been involved in a number of very significant cases. Below are some examples. (The following names are fictitious to protect the actual persons involved in the claims.)

“Mary” was involved in a serious accident when she was riding in a semi trailer truck with her husband, when the truck rolled over, pinning Mary in the cab. The insurance company refused to pay anything, claiming that Mary had signed a “release” preventing her from receiving any compensation for her serious injuries.

We represented Mary in her claim against the insurance company, and we ultimately brought Mary’s case to the Wisconsin Supreme Court. As a result of that court decision, the “release” contract was thrown out and Mary was awarded a substantial verdict.

Erspamer Law Office, LLC, represented “Jim” shortly after his wife died. Jim’s wife had been working for an organization that planned adventure trips. Jim’s wife died in the Himalaya Mountains after slipping and falling while mountain climbing. The insurance company refused to pay anything, claiming that Jim’s wife was not a formal employee of the organization. We were successful in obtaining a substantial workers’ compensation award for Jim based on the death of his wife.

“Pat” suffered an unimaginable tragedy when she, her husband and her father were watching a car race at a racetrack. While Pat watched the race, one of the race cars struck a muffler on the track which had fallen off a car, causing the debris to be thrown into the stands, near where Pat was sitting. The debris struck Pat’s husband and her father. Her father died immediately and her husband died later as a result of the severe injuries caused by the accident. The insurance company denied any fault in causing the accident. During litigation, we learned that the fence at the racetrack was unsafe and too low under the circumstances. Pat received a substantial award as compensation for her losses.

“Bev” was the prima ballerina for a large city’s opera house. As a result of constant dancing and the extensive practice Bev needed to undergo, she began having significant back pain. She learned that the dancing, bending and twisting had done significant damage to her spine. The insurance company denied the claim, but we helped Bev receive substantial compensation for the cost of her back surgery and for her injuries, based on the fact that she was unable to continue working as a dancer.

“Peter” was working with a highway construction crew on a large project on a US interstate highway. While working on the crew, Peter was struck and seriously injured when a truck drove over him. The insurance company denied further payments, arguing that Peter did not need further treatment and that he had recovered. As the result of a claim brought by Erspamer Law Office, LLC, Peter received a substantial additional award for compensation based on his serious injuries.

“Ryan” was a cement truck driver working for a large cement producing company. Over time, Ryan began noticing significant pain in his back, especially when he would climb on the truck up to the tank to put the cement unloading chutes in place. Finally Ryan was unable to continue working as a cement truck driver. When he filed a workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company denied the claim entirely, arguing that Ryan had back problems before he began working for the cement company, and that his back problems were due to aging. Erspamer Law Office, LLC, pursued Ryan’s claim for him and later obtained a substantial award for him after a judge found Ryan’s injury to be work-related.