We Handle A Variety Of Injury Claims In Wisconsin And Minnesota

Erspamer Law Office, LLC, has handled more than 5,000 injury cases, including workers’ comp and personal injury claims. We help individuals and families throughout Western Wisconsin and throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Attorney David Erspamer has more than 30 years of experience in helping individuals who have suffered a range of serious, life-changing injuries, including:

If you have been hurt in a workplace accident, we can help you pursue a workers’ compensation claim. If your accident and injuries were caused by another negligent party who was not your employer, we can explain your options for pursuing a personal injury claim.

Farm Accidents

In Wisconsin and Minnesota, farming accidents are quite common. In fact, recent government statistics show that agriculture held the third-highest death rate among major domestic industries.

Many of these accidents are caused by dangerous or defective farm equipment. The reality is that such accidents could have been avoided if farm machinery manufacturers attached adequate safety warnings for the equipment’s use. If a dangerous or malfunctioning product, negligent coworker, or other party caused your farm accident injuries, contact our law office to learn about your legal options.

Logging Accidents

The logging industry is notoriously dangerous. Loggers are required to use heavy equipment, machinery, cables and power tools to perform their jobs. Due to the dangerous nature of this job, even the most experienced loggers are at risk of suffering serious injuries at work. Common causes of logging-related injuries include:

  • Machinery defects
  • Chainsaw accidents
  • Logging truck accidents
  • Falling trees or branches

Logging accidents often result in serious injuries to the head, neck, shoulders and back. In far too many cases, logging accidents result in wrongful death. If you have lost a family member in a logging accident, our firm can explain your rights and legal options.

Contact An Experienced Injury Claim Attorney

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