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Automobile injury claims in Minnesota are unique. With every automobile accident, two potential claims can be brought: a no-fault claim and a liability claim.

Claims involving “no-fault” injury insurance typically involve complex terms that, for people who are not familiar with them, are difficult to understand. Erspamer Law Office, LLC, can make sense of them for you, and we welcome the opportunity to put our more than 30 years of legal experience to work for you.

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No-Fault Insurance Injuries Defined

A no-fault insurance claim is made to your own insurance company or the insurance company insuring the vehicle in which you were riding. Your policy’s no-fault provision should provide coverage for lost wages, medical expenses, replacement services and miscellaneous benefits.

The insurance company verifies your expenses before they can be reimbursed to you. The company will most likely request copies of medical records, assorted bills and a doctor’s disability statement, as well as a wage loss verification from your employer.

Except for persons who operate motorcycles, which only require liability coverage, all motor vehicle owners in Minnesota must have no-fault insurance.

What No-Fault Can Do For You

No-fault insurance can defray most out-of-pocket losses, like medical bills and lost wages. The identity and liability of the person who caused the accident is not a concern. You may also recover damages from a negligent driver for other losses such as disability and pain and suffering.

Minnesota’s no-fault accident injury law is complicated, having been assembled by insurance companies and politicians, so you should always consult with an experienced attorney if you were seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident.

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