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At Erspamer Law Office in Amery, Wisconsin, we value the contributions of our state’s and nation’s farms and farmers. We want to keep you healthy and free from injury in the operation of your family agribusiness.

When you are injured because of a defective or malfunctioning piece of farm equipment, that is where our high-quality legal representation comes in. We have been representing accident victims for more than 30 years. If your farmer relative, friend or loved one has been injured or killed in a farm equipment accident while using lawn, farm or construction machines that may have been defectively designed or manufactured, please contact our law office immediately.

The agony at the accident scene and the loss you have felt ever since merit the assistance we can give toward securing compensation for you.

Injuries are our business — our only business. We serve clients in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Dangers Of Farm Equipment Accidents

People may not think of farming as an especially dangerous occupation, but we know otherwise. Hundreds of agricultural workers suffer injuries resulting in lost work time each day. Some of those accidents result in permanent impairment. Government statistics in recent years show that agriculture held the third-highest death rate among major domestic industries.

You can depend on our experienced and successful accident injury attorney to pursue your family’s injury claim aggressively and passionately. We want justice for you in the form of full and fair financial compensation, if the injury involved the use of inadequately designed or manufactured mowers, tractors, hay balers, augers, front end loaders, cranes, backhoes or bulldozers.

A large number of these serious farm equipment accidents could have been avoided if manufacturers had simply attached adequate safety warnings for the equipment’s use. But some manufacturers fail to do this, and they should pay the price. We have the determination, belief in your cause, and financial wherewithal to effectively litigate your case, if necessary. We call upon every ounce of legal knowledge and every source of research and investigation in order to locate the responsible parties and send them the messages of safety, scruples and competence in the production of their wares.

Get in touch with our Amery law office today, and describe the details of the farming accident that so dramatically affected your life, and that of your family.

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